Seven Common Mistakes First-Time Flyers Make

Flying for the first time – whether it’s a domestic or international flight, the butterflies you get in your tummy are entirely justified! But in this excitement of flying for the first time in your life, don’t end up making these mistakes – which we have so outrightly mentioned here! And no, we’ve not come with these – first-time flyers just happen to make these mistakes over the time! So be careful, and don’t get into any embarrassing or complicated situation when out there for the first time!

  1. Prepare for jet-lag:
    Your colleagues, friends, family who travel often must have warned you about jet lag. But in the thrill and excitement of flying, you must have forgotten to address this issue! But don’t – jet lag comes with a variety of after-effects, including flu-like symptoms, a heavy head or even a splitting headache! So take some sleep supplement or herbal teas which will keep you fresh throughout the flight. Also, catch up with enough sleep while on your flight.


  1. Reaching the airport late:
    For international flights, you are expected to be at the airport at least two hours prior to your scheduled flight. Don’t take the airport authorities for granted – you maybe even sent back from the check-in gate if you don’t reach well in time.
  2. Packing heavy:
    You’re on a vacation, and you’ll be coming back home. Unless you’re planning to settle down in the country you like permanently, don’t pack too much stuff! We all love to look great on vacations, but that doesn’t mean you stuff your wardrobe right inside your bags. Pack light and travel hassle free!
  3. Panicking:
    Don’t panic in any situation – remember to take along a head that’s cool. Some minor issues may crop up – you may have forgotten some document or lost something – take it easy and handle it well.
  4. Carrying too much cash:
    Too much hard cash is a big no. You may have the urge to play it safe and exchange a lot of money right at the airport before you leave. But don’t – there’s a possibility of your money getting lost or stolen.

  1. Crammed itinerary:
    Don’t schedule your vacation like you’re never coming back to the place again! Keep your itinerary light and breezy and make sure you have enough time to rest too. Whatever few sites you visit, soak into them completely, instead of just rushing into and out of it – so that you can make it to the other place on time!
  2. Dressing uncomfortably:
    There’s a reason why it’s known as the ‘airport look’! You got to dress light, easy and comfortable enough to survive through those long-distance flights!

Hope you have a pleasant ‘first flight’!